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James is a Gold Coast based marketing entrepreneur with more than 30 years’ experience in all facets of the sales and marketing profession. He worked for large pharmaceutical companies and consumer health organizations in a variety of management and marketing roles, before starting his company in 1997. He is a marketing man who is passionate about eliminating the mystery surrounding SEO, to enable business owners to extract the maximum return on their investment from this modern marketing activity.

Best SEO Practice to Attract Traffic

It is easy to complicate search engine optimization but we prefer to put it in terms that even the newest “newbie” can understand. Seo is a process and like all processes there are steps to undertake so that the project produces the … Continue reading

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What a Difference a Rank Makes.

Ever been told – if you are not on page 1 of Google, you are nowhere? I have been and more times than I care to remember. But what real difference does it make if your website appears on page … Continue reading

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How to Invite Contacts to Become Facebook Fans

Facebook Fan Pages are a great way for your business to promote special offers and events and to engage with your target audience. You have the business contacts but how do you invite those contacts to join you on Facebook? … Continue reading

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Import Outlook Contacts to Facebook

One of the most successful ways to get more fans for your new Facebook company page is to invite your existing email list to Like your page. Seems like a simple plan that should be a breeze to achieve. It … Continue reading

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SEO Scam or Spam

“Very well put! There are so many companies spamming for SEO these days, it’s great to see people putting in some genuine effort to steer people in the right direction! Well done guys! ” Daniel. This comment on our Search … Continue reading

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Compare Rank Assess Tool Free and PRO Versions

I have been asked what’s the difference between the free tool and the PRO tool and felt it best to put it in a post here for the benefit of all. Here’s what Rank Assess Tool ™ FREE will do for you:

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Second Best Free Keyword Tool

I do not think that anyone would argue with me that the absolute best keyword tool is the Google Keyword Tool. You can analyse hundreds of keywords that are relevant to your website and it even identifies the competition for … Continue reading

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There is Such a Thing as a FREE Link!

I just bet that you have heard the expression, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch”. The premise being that sooner or later you pay for the FREE item in some way or other. Well, I’m here to remind … Continue reading

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Google Keyword Tool – Best Place to Start SEO

Before you invest in any Search Engine Optimization (SEO) activities, you would be wise to visit the free Google keyword tool. It allows you to quantify the number of searches being conducted on millions of search keywords every month of … Continue reading

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SEO Content is King but Keywords Rule

The good news is that really interesting, useful information (content) on the internet is like cream in milk – rising to the top of the search engine ranking pile, albeit somewhat slowly. As Google continuously improves that mystical algorithm, the … Continue reading

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