How to Invite Contacts to Become Facebook Fans

Business fan pagesFacebook Fan Pages are a great way for your business to promote special offers and events and to engage with your target audience. You have the business contacts but how do you invite those contacts to join you on Facebook? Seems like a rather straight forward process but if you visit the forum at:

You will see hundreds of comments from frustrated Facebook members who have been unable to successfully import email contacts to Facebook. After you click the link, you will need to login to Facebook.

Should you be one who has tried unsuccessfully, following the steps below will eliminate your frustration.


Steps to Invite Contacts to Like My Facebook Fan Page.

  1. Login to your Facebook personal page.
  2. Click your company page in the side bar menu. Do not select your company page from the * menu item in the top right.
  3. Go to admin panel.
  4. Check that you are posting as your company. You will see the message at that top which says: You are posting, commenting and liking as Company page.
  5. Click Build Audience.
  6. Select Invite Email contacts. Do not select Invite Friends, as there are no friends for business pages, only fans.
  7. Select where your contacts are stored. These instructions are for Other Tools as it seems to be a problem for most people commenting online.
  8. Select Other Tools.
  9. If you are not sure about creating a contact file read the instructions: How to create a contact file…
  10. Select Browse and locate your file where you stored it.
  11. Select Upload Contacts.
  12. When your contacts are loaded, tick those that you wish to invite, all or some.
  13. Click Preview.
  14. You will see: Send this Invitation to X Contacts.
  15. But here is the catch: the invite will only go to those already on Facebook as it is written: A suggestion for your Page will be sent to your subscribers who are already on Facebook.
  16. To invite contacts who are not on Facebook you will have to use your personal page and invite them as friends, then you can ask them to Like your company page.
  17. Tick the box: I am authorized to send invitations to the email addresses I have imported.
  18. Select Send.
  19. It’s a good idea to include one person who you know is already on Facebook, but not yet a Fan, so that you can confirm they received your suggestion.
  20. Facebook will send at least two reminders as follow up to your invitation.

Facebook wants to help you get more fans to your business page as ultimately Facebook benefits by having access to your contacts. However facebook does not wish to help you spam their audience and that’s why this process is in place.

We trust that these rather detailed instructions eliminate your frustration in applying this Facebook feature and invite your comments below.

About James Hourigan

James is a Gold Coast based marketing entrepreneur with more than 30 years’ experience in all facets of the sales and marketing profession. He worked for large pharmaceutical companies and consumer health organizations in a variety of management and marketing roles, before starting his company in 1997. He is a marketing man who is passionate about eliminating the mystery surrounding SEO, to enable business owners to extract the maximum return on their investment from this modern marketing activity.
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11 Responses to How to Invite Contacts to Become Facebook Fans

  1. Social Marketing says:

    Any worries about getting your Page banned? We have a decent sized list and the last thing we’d want is to get flagged / blocked from Facebook. Have you had or heard of any problems?

  2. Paulo Matos says:

    I imported about 300 contacts, as described, of people who used or were interested in my services and did not get a single like. I am sure that several dozen of them have a Facebook account, since in the selection of contacts many of them had the real name of the person. Should I have just chosen these contacts? As I did the import many days ago, I think I can say that your solution does not work, at least for me. Any additional suggestion? Thank you.

    • Hi Paulo, I suggest you try it with 2 or 3 people who you know are on Facebook, but are not friends of your personal page or fans of your business page. Also email them “outside” of Facebook and ask if they got your Facebook invite. It still could be that they have entirely different email addresses for Facebook and business. I would appreciate your comments after you have tried this approach, regards, James.

  3. Linda says:

    Most of the email contacts in my list of 316 are NOT on Facebook. How do I invite them?

    Also, where do I go to get the hyperlink directly to our page?

    Thank you!

  4. Hi Linda, you can contact them “outside” of Facebook and give them an incentive to like your page. You will find your Facebook link in the address bar when you login – for example here is our Search Me Seo link regards, James.

  5. Marta says:

    Hi James,
    I received an email from a facebook page inviting me to become a fan, but the template used is not the same I’ve seen in the tool you are explaining here. There is a customised comment: “Since you’re already subscribed to their email updates off of Facebook, has suggested you like their Page to stay connected.” What I’m wondering is if this is an available application or just a spam email.

    • Yes there are apps available to improve on you Facebook layout etc. So I guess they have used one to make their invite more attractive, regards, James.

  6. Zech says:

    After attempting to upload the contact file, the file in the upload box then just disappears! Every time! It will not allow you to upload the file. I’m in Firefox…

    • That is a bit strange. I tested it again this morning for you and it works if you follow the intructions as per this blog post. I use internet explorer and while I do not think it should be different in Firefox, perhaps it is different! The more likely reason is that your csv is not in the exact format that is required. For example to complete the process, I had to manually enter a comma after each email address, a real pain I know, but that is the only way it worked. I hope this helps, regards, James.

  7. Vijay says:

    the option you mentioned “Invite Email contacts” is not available for my Facebook page. This page has 22000+ fans currently. I guess Facebook is giving this option to certain pages with some level of fans.