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One of the most successful ways to get more fans for your new Facebook company page is to invite your existing email list to Like your page. Seems like a simple plan that should be a breeze to achieve. It appears that facebook wants to encourage your list onto their list so they allow you to upload it to the platform.

So I proceeded to follow the instructions from my Facebook page. However I was amazed at the difficulty I encountered. That is until I went to this link and reviewed the comments from like-minded people.

I have reproduced some of the comments below with references to the commenters. If you don’t click the link to the facebook page, click their link to say thanks.

I was amazed at the number of frustrated comments that appeared in relation to this question as to sending a request to your current email list to like you on Facebook.

Comments such as:-

Apparently FB admins don’t monitor their help pages…at least you’d think that they would remove this option (or even…gasp…fix it) if they did. Importing csv files does not work. Nancy

Very frustrating! Particularly as it looks like it has worked at first. Very poor FB! Sort it out! JB Personal Training

I’m glad it’s not just me :-) I’ve been searching on this. I used this feature for an organization, all legit emails no problem there, and what we noticed was that it did not work for actually sending email invites to the people on FB, however it did send out emails to anyone that was not a FB user. So it half worked. Really bummed about it though. Heather

Of course csv import does not work. Why would it? It’s obviously more profitable as a business model for Facebook to make people pay to promote a page. Arnold

I was just about to give up when I discovered this really helpful link to an article by Antezeta Web MarketingI followed the advice and hey presto my email list are now joining me on Facebook.

Author note: Search Me Seo is not associated with Antezeta, we just believe in giving credit when it is due.

Two important instructions from the article that I strongly recommend:

1.       One approach to minimizing risk is to share just one minimal data element with social networks, the email address.

Author note: Never give more information than is absolutely necessary.

 2.      In addition, all data ends with a comma, a requirement of the csv data interchange format.

Author note: An absolute must do otherwise your list will not load.

I trust this post is useful and that it diminishes any frustration you may encounter in your quest and should you like to know more about us you know what to do. If you want a handy tool that predicts profit on Google rank go here.

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