Compare Rank Assess Tool Free and PRO Versions

I have been asked what’s the difference between the free tool and the PRO tool and felt it best to put it in a post here for the benefit of all.

Here’s what Rank Assess Tool ™ FREE will do for you:

Traffic Estimate

Estimate the traffic, (people that will click on your website link in the search engine), based on your ranking.

Rank Assess Tool - Traffic Report

Customers by Google Rank

Show how much traffic your site will get for ranks 1 to 10 on page 1 of Google. Calculate the number of customers, the revenue and profit.

Rank Assess Tool - Keyword Profit Report

Most Profitable Keywords

Identify the most profitable keywords to target for your site. Show when a lower ranked keyword would be more profitable than a higher ranked one.

Rank Assess Tool - Profit Summary

There are many additional benefits to:

Rank Assess Tool™ PRO

You can:

  • Save all your tests

  • Edit your tests

  • Enter multiple keywords

  • Import keyword csv  files

  • Compare 100′s of keywords

  • Change test variables

  • Test different conversion rates

  • Analyse  how price affects profit

  • Isolate issues  detrimental to profit

  • Save reports for future action

Unlimited use  » $19.95

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James is a Gold Coast based marketing entrepreneur with more than 30 years’ experience in all facets of the sales and marketing profession. He worked for large pharmaceutical companies and consumer health organizations in a variety of management and marketing roles, before starting his company in 1997. He is a marketing man who is passionate about eliminating the mystery surrounding SEO, to enable business owners to extract the maximum return on their investment from this modern marketing activity.
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