Keyword ToolGoogle Rank Increases Your Profit!

Rank Assess Tool ™ calculates your profit for page 1 rank . You can see which keywords will be most profitable for you. You can add a range of variables to the keyword tool for products or services and conduct “what if” analysis. Use this keyword tool if you want to know What Do I Get before you spend any money on  search engine optimization or paid advertising

See what  page 1 rank  is really worth to you.

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“As a business owner it’s hard to know whether the SEO activities I’m doing today are going to be worth it in the long run. Rank Assess Tool™ shows me what a front page ranking for the keywords I’m targeting is worth to my bottom line.” Josh Kohlbach Owner Rymera Web Co

Free Keyword Tool …

  • Predicts profit on Google ranks
  • Targets most profitable keywords
  • Calculates profit increase as rank improves
  • Shows conversion rate effect on profit

… before you spend $$$$ on search engine optimization.

Watch the video to see how it will work for you.



You may be thinking about search engine optimization activities to get more people to notice your website or you may have been approached by an seo consultant.

There is no doubt that websites that appear higher in search engines, get more visitors and more customers. Now you can estimate how any improvements will affect your sales before you invest in seo or paid advertising.

Use our FREE keyword tool to see the difference in value between Google Ranks 1 to 10.


Here’s what this keyword tool will do for you:

Traffic Estimate

Estimates the traffic – the number of people who will click on a website link in the search engine, based on rank.

Revenue Estimate  

Calculates the number of customers and the revenue  for ranks 1 to 10 on page 1 of Google.

Profit Estimate

Identifies the most profitable keywords to target for the site. Shows when a lower ranked keyword would be more profitable than a higher ranked one.

Conversation Rate

Shows how any improvement in the site conversion rate affects  profitability.