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“Very well put! There are so many companies spamming for SEO these days, it’s great to see people putting in some genuine effort to steer people in the right direction! Well done guys! ” Daniel. This comment on our Search Me Seo blog prompted me to write this post.

We certainly appreciate these comments as it is our desire to eliminate the myth and mystery that surrounds search engine optimization. Are you like Daniel, frustrated by spam for SEO services? I know that I was and here is a sampling of the approaches I have received for one of our other websites.

Sally says:

Google 1st page Rank Position

Hello!!! Hope you are doing great!! I am Sally; Business Development Manager in leading SEO and Online Business Marketing Company. Ethical SEO is – Perfect PRESCRIPTION OF ONLINE HEALTH We have a large crew of experienced professionals and having belief on their expertise; so offering “GUARANTEED SEO – Google 1st page Rank Position or MONEY BACK”.

Author note: See our previous post on seo guarantees and you will understand why this one met with the delete button immediately!

Mandy espouses:

Special offer on this festive season

 Hi, Hope you are doing well!!

I just wanted to share few exclusive new services 360 Degree Promotion Plan” which we have recently launched. In this new plan we will offer you: Looking forward to hear from you soon. Special offer on this festive season. Kind Regards, Mandy

Author note: Like us, you probably believe that the grammar could be improved and wonder about their ability to select keywords to optimize for your site.

Paul emailed:

Google look at your website

That is how Google look at your website. Not just a website with adequate Technical SEO helps anymore. Alike users, Google also want to look at the other channels used by you for providing unique information to the users. If you think you already have a professional website which has all the elements to influence users and carry a basic Technical SEO, we will top it up by influencing user behavior.

 Author note: Apart from obvious grammatical errors, this one is at least – “talking to me”.

From Shogun:

Web Design or SEO projects

Hello I am Shogun, Business Development Manager.

I was on your website. Would you be interested in a possible redesigning of the site or addition feature that might benefit the overall usability and user experience which usually leads to better sales? We can execute the Web Design or SEO on a white label basis for you. Our aim is to be the best in service and as such we offer a premium service at very competitive prices than what it might be in house.

 Author note: What does my site need, redesign or seo? Do they even know?

Thailey emailed:

 Specific Content

YOU need OUR high-standard content for your business because: A dedicated Research and Content Team is provided. They write specific content for customer I.e. Unique which ‘USER LOVE TO READ’. Let me know your thoughts and looking forward to work together

Author note: WOW, that’s telling me, they know exactly what I need. They can put a square peg in a round hole.

Competitor FEAR

The underlying theme of all approaches is one of FEAR. Unless I use the services on offer, I will miss out on the riches available from online marketing and my competitors will take my business. In the early days of this spam fest, I replied and asked the question – How much extra business will I get when we are on page 1 of Google?


Just more SPAM. So my recommendation is that when you get these emails, hit the delete button, do not waste your time in the belief that there may be something of use. However things happen for a reason and this experience lead us to develop our Rank Assess Tool™ which predicts profit from Google rank before you conduct any search engine optimization. You can get a free trial here.

Want to share your spam stories? You can post them in the comments box below.

PS While we apologize for the grammar and spelling in the examples above, we have reproduced the emails as received.

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James is a Gold Coast based marketing entrepreneur with more than 30 years’ experience in all facets of the sales and marketing profession. He worked for large pharmaceutical companies and consumer health organizations in a variety of management and marketing roles, before starting his company in 1997. He is a marketing man who is passionate about eliminating the mystery surrounding SEO, to enable business owners to extract the maximum return on their investment from this modern marketing activity.
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